Terms of Sale

User's agreement

Please read these terms carefully before purchasing. By placing an order with Feral Interactive, you indicate your agreement to be bound by these terms, as well as confirmation that you are over the age of 18 or that you have permission from a parent or guardian.

In addition, by purchasing from Feral Interactive, you indicate your agreement to any notices (such as website notifications or emails) related to your purchase that you may have received prior to making it.

Please also note that these Terms of Sale do not cover usage of data. Please consult our Privacy Policy for information on how your data may be used.

Our company

Feral Interactive Ltd.
64 Kimber Road
SW18 4PP

VAT No: 749304029

For help and support, contact us via email: support@feralinteractive.com.

Our games

We sell macOS and Linux games via download via the Feral Store, both individually and in bundles.

We sometimes also offer the opportunity to pre-order games prior to release. When making pre-order purchases via the Feral Store, your credit/debit card will - unless otherwise stated - be charged at the checkout.


The price displayed on the relevant Feral Store page and at the checkout is the price you will be charged. Prices may vary over time, and we sometimes run offers that change prices depending on various factors, including your purchase history with us or the site that you were referred from.

We accept payment in four currencies: Pounds Sterling (£) if you're based in the UK, Euros (€) in Continental Europe, Yen (¥) in Japan and US dollars ($) in all other territories. The currency you are purchasing in will be displayed at the checkout.

In all EU countries (including the UK), VAT is charged and included in the displayed store prices. Outside the EU, we neither charge sales tax nor include it in our displayed store prices.

How can I pay?

Our online store accepts Visa, Mastercard, and a large range of debit cards. There are also country-specific payment methods available.

We also accept PayPal. However, there is a small additional charge for PayPal transactions.

All the available payment methods are displayed on the Checkout page.

Security & Privacy

We work with in partnership with SecureTrading to process payments and store customer details securely.

All our store pages run HTTPS, the secure and encrypted version of the protocol used to retrieve webpages. You can check for this by looking for the padlock symbol in your browser’s address bar.

Your details are kept safe and confidential. We do not rent, loan, gift or sell your details to any entity. See our Privacy Policy for more about how we use and protect your data.

Restrictions of sale

In some countries, games are not for sale due to legal or licensing reasons. In these cases we may sell an altered version of a game in order to meet legal or licensing requirements. In all cases, this will be made clear before purchase.

There are also age ratings on every one of our games. These are clearly displayed on the relevant store page. Ratings are advisory rather than obligatory, but please respect them.

Delivery of goods

When you purchase a game from us, we will email you an order confirmation with one of the following, depending on the game you have purchased:

  • A Steam key, to be redeemed via the Steam Client. Instructions for doing this will be provided in the order confirmation email, and are also available on the Feral Support site. A Steam account will be required to download and play the game. For more information, please see the Steam Subscriber Agreement.


  • A URL and product key. Instructions for installing and activating the game will be provided in the order confirmation email.
    • The URL is a link to the disk image .dmg file, which is used to install the game. This also contains any associated documentation, such as the game manual, which is accessible once the game is installed.
    • The product key is a unique code required to activate the game once it has been installed.
    • Instructions on how to install using a URL and product key are also available on the Feral Support site.

Refund policy

Downloaded games may, at the sole discretion of Feral Interactive, be refunded within 2 weeks of purchase. If you experiencing problems with installing and/or playing a game, we must be satisfied that sufficient troubleshooting has taken place before agreeing to a refund.

All Feral Store refund requests should be made by emailing support@feralinteractive.com with the order reference number and the reason for the request. Any activation keys associated with the purchased game will be deactivated by Feral prior to processing the refund.

Warranty and replacement policy

We will ensure that you receive you receive the game(s) you purchase. After the first download, if you delete or otherwise lose a downloaded game, you may download it again without having to buy it again.

The method of reinstallation will depend on the download delivery method:

  • If you downloaded the game using the URL and product key installation method, the replacement download service is offered as a courtesy. You will be able to repeatedly download any games you have bought, though we reserve the right to suspend this service for any reason (for example, due to abuse of the service or during periods when our servers are especially busy).
  • If you downloaded the game using a Steam key, the download service is regulated by Steam. Please see the Steam Subscriber Agreement for more information.


Feral Interactive bears no responsibility for:

  • Any physical or mental trauma or injury caused by one of our games.
  • The loss or misuse of user data that occurs as the result of a malicious attack on any of our online services, including store accounts.
  • Reimbursement for purchases made fraudulently or as a result of such attacks.
  • Feral Interactive retains responsibility for any fraudulent claims or representations made by the company as well as death, personal injury or mental anguish caused by its negligence or willful misconduct. The laws of some countries preclude or disallow some or all of the limitations described in these terms. If these laws apply to you, you may be exempt from some or all of these terms and you may have additional rights.

    Post-purchase services

    We will provide you with an online account history of your previous purchases on request, including product keys for game downloads. Please note that this service is offered purely as a courtesy, and may be removed or discontinued at any time.


    We reserve the right to amend these terms at any time.